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Success Stories


I am a chronic hypertension  and kidney disease patient. My diet is very restricted .I contacted Dr Richa during my pregnancy. Her diet plan and lifestyle changes really helped me a lot in maintaining my kidney function and baby growth . The changes she recommended were very practical and easy to maintain .For a postpartum diet plan also I contacted her for my easy recovery. She helped me during both of my pregnancy. I contacted her for my mothers diet plan also she is a diabetic. She is like our family nutritionist looking forward to a long term relationship with her.

- Hina Shaikh

I am extremely satisfied by following your diet chart. My whole lifestyle has changed completely since then and I still continue to follow the same. The change in me is immense and very positive. People keep complimenting me for reducing my inches remarkably! Your diet plan helped my husband to recover really fast and he is back to normal with full energy and strength. All my thanks and gratitude to you Ma'am for the perfect guidance and support.

- Mukta Bhattacharya

I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome last year. I have been working with Richa since November 2021. The best thing about Richa is her willingness to adapt her style and recommendations to your needs. She is also non-judgemental and is genuinely supportive. This is very helpful as food and diets are also linked to our emotions and a very rigid dietician could make the process stressful. She is also helpful in case of emergencies and is always available for a phone call when needed. I am not working with any specific weight goals and she doesn't really encourage that either. If you are someone who needs a very structured, quick solution, this might not work for you.

- Tarun Khanna

My journey from  FAT to FIT with Dr Richa.

I was 87 kg, dealing with depression and lots of health issues. I started losing weight within a week. My whole idea of food has been changed. I learned about a healthy lifestyle. She has not given any crash diet though modified regular food that we eat daily, She teaches right food at the right time that suits our health condition. She has also given me a diet for my pregnancy that helped me during pregnancy and also fought with COVID. I consult her every time for the right diet whenever any of the family members fall sick. She is a Doctor of Unhealthy bodies and unhealthy lifestyles, She is Amazing.

- Pushpa Devi

We are an NGO working for children with Intellectual disabilities. Richa is associated with us and shares her knowledge to create awareness to the parents on the importance of maintaining the gut health of their children. After her interactions with the parents, they are more interested in following the diet guidelines and actively participating in all the activities suggested by her. We are very happy to be associated with her. Best wishes for all her endeavours!!!

- Sumathi Morgan
Umesh uncle.jpeg

We have been in touch with Richa madam for a very long time. She has always been very supportive whenever we approached  her. All her suggestions are very practical and she always tried to supplement the medicines from natural foods. I wish a very bright and happy future for her and NUTROSPECT.

- Umesh

We are proud of you always. The best mentor, the best guide, people love to listen you, your ideas,
the way you make the impossible more possible. You curate the diets such a way that people fall in love and crave for more and more of your programmes. You handle our problems such that we heal up as soon as we share with you.
In all we can say that 'You have made our world our life easy'.

Thankyou and bless you

- Ruchi, Vivek, Vallari and Shinini

Autism Aware Nutritionists

Soma Basu AAN.jpeg

Course was excellent. The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and articulate. This was the first time I have joined a class in Neutrospect, and I was delighted with it and look forward to coming back to neutrospect for more classes in the future. I loved the fact that even though it was in a online mode with other people, the actual and real life experiences were shared to provide all the learner indepth knowledge!

I cannot express how great the instructor was and the overall content of the material. I would definitely recommend this to my friends. I will be looking into taking more of these classes through nutrospect in the near future.

Thank you.

- Soma Basu, Dietetics Student, Jaipur
Pranothi S AAN.jpeg

It was very informative course. Which actually lead me to learn more in depth about the condition and other related neurological problems. Dealing with kids is challenging but this program gave me an insight on how to deal with their picky food habits and more interesting on how gut brain axis interactions and interfere with nutrients. Overall the course gave me a brief idea of autism nutrition. Definitely a lot of self study to know more about is required. 

Thanks for the course and wish u good luck for many more like this.

Thank you.

- Pranothi Sriniwasalu, Research Scholar, Doha, Qatar
Simrita Gudi AAN.jpeg

A very informative and enriching course.

A must to do course by anyone wishing to work in field of special needs nutrition

- Simrita Gudi, Dietetics Student, Mumbai
Ishika Jain AAN.jpeg

It was a very informative class where we learnt in depth about what autism is, how to deal with autistic children. I clearly understood the entire mechanism of how everything works right from the genetic links in autism to the gut health of autistic which is of prime importance when it comes to nutrition. I learnt that not all kids have the same symptoms and not all therapies work for everyone. Individualistic approach is very important when it comes to ASD. 

The self paced learning through the week, followed by live discussion sessions helped in clearing our doubts and understanding the literature better. The articles, notes and videos covered all aspects of ASD. Although there is always more to learn when it comes to autism, I am glad that I started my journey to learn about ASD through Richa ma’am.

Thank you ma’am for this opportunity. Hoping to learn more from you in the future.

- Ishika Jain R, Dietetics Student, Chennai.
Kamali T AAN.jpeg

I was looking for a course to widen my knowledge in ASD and also to add to my portfolio and this course certainly fulfilled both the requirements. The course has enabled me to be more open-minded about autism and how to relate nutrition with ASD. The course was manageable with the self-paced learning and in-depth about the mechanisms and every day challenges children face and how to manage them. The entire course was well planned and interestingly arrange with structured materials. I enjoyed this course and feel that I learned a lot from the different topics provided. The instructors were clear and concise as well. 

I am glad to have had this opportunity to learn from you ma'am, thank you. I hope to learn more from you in the future.

- Kamali Tirukonda, Dietetics Student, Chennai
Nameera AAN.jpeg

I was Glad to be a part of this ASD course .. Had Great Group Seminars and it was very informative… Thank you For this Opportunity Ma’am … I will try my level best to Apply these studies in my upcoming counselling or work place ❤️

- Nameera Begum, Student, Chennai
Anurupa bose AAN.jpeg

I am glad that I found this course while scrolling linkedIn the other day.. 

I saw the headline of the course and immediately it grabbed my attention.. Because this is one area which is we have touched in our bachelors and masters and even in our practice for that matter till few years ago..But recently we are witnessing the increased number of cases and clients on a regular basis and for some reason I was restricting myself at some level because of having little knowledge on this particular niche..

So when I found this I couldn't resist taking this course and become one more helping hand for this fraternity..

This course actually offers authentic study materials ,lectures based on recent research and statistics which will help you have an in-depth and core knowledge about the entire topic.

Can't thank enough to all the guides and moderators of this course ,the way they presented each and every topic is just wonderful..

Last but not the least, I want to thank Richa and Nutrospect for planning and bringing up this extremely intensive course for us , this will help not only me but also many more people out there , if I become Autism Aware I can educate and help 1000 people out there to become Autism Aware and help them by providing nutritional support and holistic support as well..

Thank you so much , can't wait for the internship program now🙂

- Anurupa Bose, Dietician & Nutritionist, Hyderabad
Aishwarya Beriwal.png

"Extremely intelligent and informative course" Loved the course! Amazing workshop! The knowledge provided was recommendable and precise. Thanks for arranging an amazing course!

-  Aishwarya Beriwal
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