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12 weeks Heal your Gut Program


A week by week guide to help you get your gut health to it’s best. Highly recommended, if you are looking to improve your overall health, immunity, focus, performance and manage weight. COMPLETELY ONLINE, with 6 one on one live sessions with Richa

12 weeks PCOS Program


Give your ovaries the right attention to heal them from those cysts. Get on board for a week by week guide to help you conquer PCOS and attain what you desire. USP- the weight you lose magically in the process, with that beautiful skin, you always wanted. COMPLETELY ONLINE, with 6 live sessions with Richa

12 weeks Beat IBS Program


How irritating it gets for you with that continued fear of an upset tummy! Well, we got you! Join the one of it’s kind Program to get week by week guidance in handling your IBS like never before. Richa got that specialised training in Low FODMAP diets just to help you beat IBS. COMPLETELY ONLINE, with 6 live sessions with Richa

Healthy Pregnancy Program


Are you planning to have a baby? Give her a gift well in advance! Since it's gonna be the first gift for your baby, it should be the best one.. right! What can be a better gift for your baby than a Healthy & Happy Mommy?? Get on board to be the best version of yourself in your pregnancy to deliver a healthy baby. COMPLETELY ONLINE, monthly one on one counselling sessions.

12 weeks Diabetes Care Program


Diabetes doesn't mean the end of the world but it definitely means you have to be more watchful of your health now. Join this amazing program to get your sugars back on track in the most holistic way and keep yourself safe from other ailments too. USP- we add sweetness to your life to defeat sugar in your blood. COMPLETELY ONLINE, with 6 live sessions with Richa

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