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 Nutrospect Academy 

Services to Nutritionists and Dietitians:


Autism Aware Nutritionist

6 weeks skill enhancing program to make the dieticians & nutritionists well versed with the niche.


Project RISE

Exclusive elite program for Dieticians & Nutritionists to upscale their Nutrition practice by learning & implementing the techniques of Nutrition Care process. This is the right program for you, if you want to make a mark in the healthcare industry with your proven body of work as a Dietician & Nutritionist. Highly recommended, if you have the zeal to excel in what you do.


Advanced AAN

Levelling up your knowledge through the Autism Aware Nutritionist program, you can enroll for this 4 weeks internship based program that empowers you to take cases of Autism & ASD independently


4 weeks program to Facelift your virtual consult

The world has moved on with COVID and more so, the Dietetic practice. You have to keep up with the pace to claim your space. Do you struggle to make your virtual consultation effective and not able to keep up with it’s demands? Join this program to give your virtual practice that oomph to flourish. 

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