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About Our Founder


Richa Srivastava

B.Sc. ( Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics)
M.Sc. ( Foods & Nutrition), CDE
Certified Diabetes Educator
NEP Certified Nutripreneur
Certified in
Your state of health is a reflection of your relationship with your own self

-Richa Srivastava

Founder- Nutrospect

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My Story

Richa is a passionate, highly qualified Dietician & Nutritionist with an innate love for food and worldwide cuisines.

A mother of two, she very well understands the psyche of all the different age groups and creates an impressionable mark on the thought process and outlook of her patients towards food and wellness.

Richa is a graduate in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics and a post graduate in Foods and Nutrition. She earned a coveted scholarship for being the topper in her post graduation at the University level.

A rich and diverse industry experience of 17 years adorns her cap and she keeps adding many feathers to her cap every passing season.

Richa is associated as a Consultant with Maternal & Child Care Hospital, an institute for mental & behavioral sciences, a Multispeciality Clinic, School for Children with special needs, a nutrigenetics firm and has many more affiliations to her credit besides running her flagship entreprise NUTROSPECT.

Your interaction with her will take you to a much happier place and you will find that you start loving yourself more than ever before..!!

My Journey

“A curious mind with a lot of questions”- this is what was written in my Grade 1 report card.

The curiosity has survived over the years, and that's what keeps pushing me to learn new skills and keep expanding my horizon.

Now that you know me, it wouldn't surprise you if I tell you that I always used to dream of wandering inside the human body to understand it better. The human body amazed me, not just for its physical being but also for how magically it connected with metaphysical, physical & social states of being. Most of all, how we have this wonderful relationship with our food. 

Food is integral to our daily lives. When we have a celebration, special spreads are laid out; during festivals, we eat festive foods; when we travel, we try out different cuisines. Not just that,  we crave different meals during different times of the day, each person in our family has unique preferences! Not to forget special meals we prepare for our loved ones when they are not keeping well!


All of these food stories, traditional & therapeutic, were so mesmerizing for me that I went on exploring & experimenting with food! Nutrition & human health became my passion and I went on to study it professionally.

Becoming a Nutritionist, turned out to be a fuel for my curious mind and it gave me the wings to soar high in pursuit of establishing this fond relationship between the human body and food.


Healing through food became my superpower and I just love the work that I do!


Awards and Achievements

RND Sadhana Award for Excellence in Clinical Nutrition 2022

Gold medalist &



Nutripreneur of the year

Award by NEP


Exemplary Dietician



Outstanding Service to NEP community 


1st Prize at NSI National Conference for paper presentation 2004

The main force behind Nutrospect is a deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term diet and nutrition goals and attain optimum health status and to spread the best possible evidence based nutrition education.

Whether you are seeking help for weight management, disease prevention or disease management, each client is individually evaluated and provided with a well-researched, comprehensive and strategically formulated program that provides interesting plans they can even follow for the rest of their lives. We believe in holistic transformations for sustainable results.

If you are looking for nutritious recipes, or you need professional guidance in order to address a specific health issue, Nutrospect is the place for you.

Also, Nutrospect believes in spreading evidence based nutrition information to it's clients as well as peers. Our learning division takes care of the specialized nutrition programs for dieticians & nutritionists.

About Brand

We have a global client base with our virtual footprint in 15 countries around the world. Our clients are spread from New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, India, UAE, Germany, France, UK to South Africa, USA & Canada. 


Nutrospect has several tie-ups with educational institutions, Schools for special children, multi-speciality clinics & corporate houses to deliver the best nutrition services to their people. 

Alongside providing world class nutrition care to our global client base we are also associated with Cosmos Institute of mental & behavioral sciences, N Delhi, Aniruddh telemetry services, Mumbai, X-code labs- Bangalore, Ally for life- Mumbai, Tripathi Hospital Noida, Motherland Hospital, Noida, Giggles Clinic, NDelhi, Vishwas Wellness, Mumbai, GE India, Noida, HCL Technologies, Noida, Lotus Valley International School, Noida, Ryan International School, Noida, Sunrise Learning foundation, Noida.


Through this beautiful journey, we realised that the Nutrition & Dietetics fraternity is struggling to claim it’s righteous space in the healthcare zone owing to its lack of some essential practical skills, So we set out to launch our close to heart NUTROSPECT LEARNING vertical, where we work with the aim to empower the fraternity with skills in niche areas of nutrition practice to upscale the nutrition care. Dieticians & Nutritionists from around the world over & many professionals of other healthcare verticals have benefitted largely from our skill enhancement programs.


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