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Wellness is a journey with three major milestones...
Gut, Mind & Soul.

-Richa Srivastava

Founder- Nutrospect


Richa Srivastava

Dietician & Nutritionist | Certified Nutrigenetics Consultant | Certified Gut Microbiome Expert

Who are we?
Partner in your wellness journey

A healthy eating pattern and a healthy lifestyle is the key to good health; we know what’s good for us most of the time but we don’t always act accordingly. 

Nutrospect was founded with the aim to bridge the gap between knowing and doing. By addressing each individual's unique physiology, environment, health conditions, interests and ethnicity we hand-hold them while they enjoy crossing over the bridge!

Whether it is weight management, preventive nutrition,  managing a specific health condition, or simply developing a healthy relationship with food for ensuring best possible health, Nutrospect offers a variety of services and programs designed to meet your specific needs. Interest & health goal-based holistic customized programs are our forte and we excel at it.


At Nutrospect we foster relationships, be it with our people or our patrons. Likewise, we help you build your relationship with your own self and with your food to derive the best benefits and support your wellness journey. You know what... in the process, we often see our patrons beginning to enjoy their personal & professional lives, much more than earlier!


For General Population


For Nutritionists and Dietitians


What Clients Say

I have visited Dr. Richa couple of times in last 3-4 years to get diet consultation for my family in case of IBS for my father-in-law, Uric Acid for my father, Thyroid and Cholesterol for me, and pregnancy weight gain for my wife. The best thing about her is that she listens to you in details to get each and every aspect of your current lifestyle that is putting you in trouble. Her diet plan worked very well for my entire family. Also, she explains each and every step, choice of meal, need of relevant exercise, and other details very well. I have understood that most chronic diseases can be controlled and cured with a change in diet and lifestyle and hence, it is very important to do regular medical tests, and visit her to make timely corrections in our lifestyle, before it's too late.

- Mohit Varshney, Noida, India

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