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Updated: Nov 22, 2022

“ shirt seems to fit me better now but why is the weight not changing further?”

“Hi Richa, I have been eating salad regularly with all my meals and tummy is no more bloated but still the weight is the same!”

“Hello dear, my bra size seems to have reduced by a cup size but why is it that I am still stuck in 60s on the weighing scale?”

…….and a dozen more such messages that I receive in my inbox regularly!

I sometimes seem to imagine that if weighing scale and the measuring tape had the opportunity to debate then their banter would have been endless with each bringing up a new case to put forth every time 😊

Jokes apart, these messages clearly indicate how numbers seem to rule and play with our minds!

Scientifically speaking, with age and with changing physiology, our body tends to see frequent variations in it’s optimum weight & shape. I am not saying a range, as that is a broad term used for wider population but what I am talking about is your optimum weight & size at a particular time of your life…& this is unique to you. Not necessary that if your mother was slim at the age of 35, you would also be the same shape or are a different person with your unique combination of genes and your unique way of living & eating.

So, identify with your optimum and do not look yourself in the mirror to be of a particular weight or shape or colour because someone else looks so or someone else wants you to look so!

The best way to identify your optimum is to think of yourself objectively and read the cues of the state of happiness & appropriate body functions, with different environmental scenarios, without much strain and shift of the state of happy mind.

If you are able to maintain a happy state of mind largely and feel positive generally along with your body feeling light and energetic most of the time, then you are in a good state of health.

Try to maintain it!

If you think that you are few steps away from that happy state, go ahead then, take the lead and reach your optimum!

Our physiological & biochemical analysis do give us a fair idea of our state of health. You can take a step ahead and consider reaching out to a professional for the same.

If you & your health care consultant feel that shedding off a few kilos & a few inches off your body (or gaining them both) is going to help you achieve your best state of mind & body, take up the mission. The need should not be for a certain image but for a certain state of mind.

The day you realise this, the numbers will stop playing with your mind and trust me, you will achieve your goals faster.

My most common advise to people on my health programs is to not to rely on the weighing scale too much. I ask them to weigh or measure themselves not more than once a month.

If you are planning to shift your weight and size to your optimum range then first of all think of why you want to do it and secondly adopt holistic approaches to achieve your goals. Taking help of a qualified dietician and a fitness guide is a wise step in the journey.

You can check out our programs for the most holistic and scientific ways that help you achieve and sustain your health goals for long term.

Stay happy, stay healthy!

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